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i'll throw it down fucka

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13 March
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This is Lee, if you know me, you know I'm a pretty friendly guy who just likes to have fun. I'm in my 2nd year at SUNY Stonybrook. I've lived in Long Island for about 2 years now. I use to live in New York City and miss it terribly.

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The Used are Blue and Yellow Love

My Chemical Romance is Sweet Revenge Love

Old Nickelodeon Shows are I Miss the 90s Love

Napoleon Dynamite is Idiot! Love

Napoleon Dynamite is D-Qwan Boogie Love

Garden State is Love

Keira Knightley is fucking hot

Blink182 is Love

Blink-182 is love.

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[*The Office is Love*]

Brand New is love.

mY cheMicAL roMaNcE. is LOVE. <333

TBS rocks my effing socks.